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What Is the Future Development Prospect of China's Pharma Intermediates?

What is the future development direction of pharma intermediates? The development prospect of pharma intermediates in China is still very promising in general, and experts have pointed out the future development direction of pharma intermediates, mainly in the following directions:

Pharma intermediates with the market strength

Data show that from January to December 2005, China's total industrial output value of chemical raw materials reached 116.277 billion yuan, an increase of 33.51%; profit amounted to 6.78 billion yuan, an increase of 27.5%; especially the export volume, reached 7.903 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 27.55% over the same period of the previous year. From these economic indicators, the pharma industry is still maintaining a fairly significant growth trend.

Experts believe that the prospect of the pharma market is good, will certainly promote the strength of the upstream pharma intermediates. Experts believe that the pharma intermediates industry holds great potential for development due to the technical advantages accumulated over the years and the huge demand of the future pharma market. But it is worth noting that, with the country's increasing attention to environmental protection, environmental protection costs for the intermediate production industry will be a problem that can not be ignored.

Pharma intermediates export structure to upgrade

Experts also pointed out that although the pharma intermediates industry is facing the trend of strengthening, it should be seen that in the pyramidal value arrangement of the pharma industry, the profit of pharma intermediates is at the bottom of the tower, even lower than that of bulk drugs.

In fact, the pharma intermediate industry has its own "short board" such as low value-added products, lack of independent intellectual property products, poorly established export channels, insufficient information support, inadequate use of information resources, etc., coupled with the price increase of water, electricity, coal, transportation and chemical raw materials, the increase in environmental protection costs and the export of some pharma commodities The external factors such as the reduction of the tax rebate rate, the competitiveness of its international market advantages are gradually threatened.

Pharma intermediates to accelerate the formation of core competitiveness

Experts pointed out that even for enterprises with relatively good profit, how to form core competitiveness, establish their own brand, enhance technology digestion ability and innovation ability should be among the issues under consideration.

In the long run, pharma intermediates industry must develop in this direction and accelerate the formation of core competitiveness.

Pharma intermediates choose advantageous varieties

In China's pharma intermediates product chain, the intermediates of middle and upstream basic APIs occupy the dominant position in the whole chain due to their wider application fields, so they have been developed more rapidly and are also attracting attention in the market.

However, the export of pharma intermediates has also been under pressure from other countries, especially India. India is rising rapidly in the pharma industry and now forms a competitive and symbiotic relationship with China. As a matter of fact, the impact from India should not be underestimated in the main export areas of pharma intermediates, such as EU, North America, Middle East and Southeast Asia.