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What is the Difference Between Pharmaceutical Excipients and Pharmaceutical Intermediates?

1. What are pharmaceutical intermediates?

Pharmaceutical intermediates are some chemical raw materials or chemical products used in the pharmaceutical synthesis process. Pharmaceutical intermediates are a general term for some chemical products, not a single compound.

2. What is the difference between pharmaceutical excipients and pharmaceutical intermediates?

Intermediate is a substance in the process of medicinal chemistry synthesis, which belongs to the concept of medicinal chemistry. Excipients are used to make pharmaceutical preparations together with the main drug, which belongs to the pharmacy.

3. Is there any specific difference between pharmaceutical intermediates and plant extracts?

Pharmaceutical intermediates are the field of fine chemicals, and there are many different classification methods. The industrial chain of pharmaceuticals is basically as follows: basic chemical raw materials---intermediates---APIs---preparations (pure drugs). It can be seen from the above that pharmaceutical intermediates are indispensable in the pharmaceutical production process, and are the raw materials for synthesizing APIs.

Plant extracts use plants as raw materials, and according to the needs of the use of the extracted final products, through the process of physical and chemical extraction and separation, one or more active ingredients in plants are directionally obtained and concentrated. These ingredients are drugs or other materials. Pharmaceutical intermediates refer to semi-finished products or important raw materials used in the production of pharmaceuticals.

4. Is the pharmaceutical intermediate a drug?

No. APIs are only the main active ingredients of pharmaceuticals. There are also various additives for medicines, such as preservatives, auxiliary materials, and flavoring agents. Medicines come in various dosage forms, such as injections, tablets, etc., which are medicines. The intermediate is only part of the API, and there are some other processes from the intermediate to the API.

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