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What is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient or API?

1. Introduction of active pharma ingredients and API medicine

An active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is a chemical substance that makes medicine work. But this definition is far less simple than it sounds. By distinguishing between APIs and drugs, manufacturers can focus on regulatory agencies to centralize resources, and pharmacists can compare generic equivalents with branded products.

It is important to learn what makes API, which is the foundation of practice and management in the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, active pharma ingredients are intermediate chemical products used in daily prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Bioengineered proteins and recombinant molecules created for biotech drugs belong to different definitions and management schemes.

2. Definition of API medicine

API is intended to be used for any substance or mixture of substances in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. And when it is used in pharmaceutical production by the API pharma company, it becomes the active pharmaceutical ingredient of pharmaceutical products. These substances are designed to provide pharmacological activity or other direct effects on diagnosis, cure, alleviation, treatment or prevention of diseases or affect the structure and function of the body. You can buy active pharmaceutical ingredients from active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer Aolisenchem. 

3. Who can make API medicine?

Chemicals are usually produced in facilities away from tablets, oral suspensions, and topical applications. And almost all APIs are powdered in bulk production. No matter where the API is manufactured, it must meet the safety and quality standards set by the country's leading drug regulatory agency.