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Uses of Chemical Intermediates

The development of chemical intermediates

The research and production of chemical intermediates tend to be appropriately centralized to realize series production. A set of production equipment can produce several to a dozen kinds of intermediates. Through overall development, such research and production is relatively easy to implement with new technology and will yield twice the result with half the effort.

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Uses of chemical intermediates

The uses and development of chemical intermediates are multifaceted. A certain kind of intermediate used in dyes is called dye intermediates, while it is also called pesticide intermediate and pharmaceutical intermediate when used in pesticides and medicine. Intermediates should be considered as a whole branch of the fine chemical intermediates industry.

The research of fine chemical intermediates is characterized by a wide variety. Except that a few varieties have a particularly large production scale, the tonnage of most varieties is not very large. However, its preparation process is often complex, many unit reactions and separation processes, and a considerable amount of "three wastes" are generated in production, which needs to be properly treated. Therefore, we should study the process of serial products, and reasonably organize the production of intermediates in order to obtain good economies of scale. The intermediates also can be used by dye intermediates manufacturers to produce dyes products. 

The raw materials required for chemical intermediates are mainly obtained from the products of the petroleum and coking chemical industry. Most of them are benzene compounds, naphthalene compounds and anthraquinone compounds, as well as some heterocyclic compounds. In recent years, the organic pigments prepared from heterocyclic compounds are on the rise.

In addition, phenanthrene, pyridine, dibenzofuran, quinoline, indole, carbazole, and biphenyl series compounds, these complex raw materials are applied to the manufacture of dyes, which makes the use of chemical intermediates more extensive and universal.