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Understanding About Ecological Deduction of API Medicine Industry

The Key Role of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

As the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in the preparation, API is the main factor for the preparation to exert its therapeutic effect. Therefore, it also significantly affects the critical quality attribute (CQA) of the preparation.

The Development of API Medicine Requires Strict Requirements

An in-depth understanding of API medicine characteristics in the preparation is also an important basis for selecting and controlling the preparation process. The development of API medicine requires special processes accumulated over a long period of time, strict quality control processes, and key technical nodes such as compound crystal forms. In particular, the development of API that is distinctive, quality reliable, and suitable for preparations, and ensuring the uniformity and stability when the pharma companies manufacture API are very important for the final production of safe and effective generic drugs.

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The Upgrading of API Pharmaceutical

To develop and produce high-quality API medicine, we must pay attention to the application of green chemistry. The upgrading of API medicine is actually green production. Through process improvement, the emission of organic solvents is reduced. On the one hand, it is environmentally friendly, on the other hand, it can improve the quality of API, change the extensive production mode, pay attention to environmental protection costs, and reduce energy consumption, thereby further ensuring the reliability of the process and improving the enterprise core competitiveness.

API Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients