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Three Characteristics of Pharmaceutical Intermediate Production

API medicine

The various products between the production of raw materials are pharmaceutical intermediates, and the synthesis of pharmaceuticals has a strong dependence on the intermediates. Pharmaceutical intermediates are important raw materials for the production of APIs and belong to the category of chemical products. Its production has a certain degree of particularity. Unlike the general chemical production process, the production process of pharmaceutical intermediates has the characteristics of miniaturization, single batch intermittent and multifunctionality.

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Three characteristics of the production of pharma intermediates

1. Miniaturization

The production of pharma intermediates has the characteristics of miniaturization. The feature of miniaturization is that the reactor is small, the raw materials are small and the requirements are precise, especially the liquid materials that are added during the reaction process, the required amount is small and needs to be controlled.

2. Single batch intermittent

The general chemical production process is mostly continuous production. However, the production process of pharmaceutical intermediates is mostly single batch intermittent, usually frequent single batch production, requiring repeated pre-processing and post-processing.

In the continuous process, the API medicine continuously passes through a set of specialized equipment. Each equipment is in steady-state operation and only performs a specific processing task, and the product is output in a continuous flow mode.

3. Multifunctional

The reactor in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates usually requires multi-step reactions or multiple processes, requiring different temperature control or pressure control at different stages. In order to complete the precise control of these processes, it is necessary to consider satisfying a wide range of adjustments when designing control schemes and instrument selection.