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The Main Trend of Customization of Pharmaceutical Intermediates: Advanced Intermediate Customization

Ⅰ. Customization process of pharmaceutical intermediates

The enterprise needs to provide the basic information of the pharmaceutical intermediate that it needs, such as structural formula, CAS number, product quality requirements, and quantity demanded. Further information is customized time and price. When obtaining customized product information, companies that customize intermediates can judge their feasibility through literature query, preliminary process route determination, raw material cost accounting, etc., and use this to determine whether to accept an order. In this process, there are often repeated price comparison processes, after all, a comparison is required.

Ⅱ. Details of different pharmaceutical intermediates

1. Primary pharmaceutical intermediates

Primary pharmaceutical intermediates are the main reason for the oversupply of pharmaceutical intermediates. Its sales model is mainly self-produced and self-sold, and its bargaining power is low. Pharmaceutical intermediate suppliers can be further divided into the supplier of primary and advanced pharma intermediates. Primary pharmaceutical intermediates are in a situation of oversupply due to the difficulty of production technology, low price, and added value, and few pharmaceutical companies have customized production for them.

2. Advanced pharmaceutical intermediates

Advanced intermediates have high added value and are the main objects for customized production by pharmaceutical companies. High added value: Advanced intermediates are reaction products of primary intermediates, and advanced intermediates can prepare downstream high value-added products in just one or a few steps.

Ⅲ. The customization trend of pharmaceutical intermediates

(1) Under the customized production mode, according to its own business requirements, one or more products in the production chain are entrusted to more specialized and more competitive manufacturers for production in the form of contracts. The products produced often need to meet the unique requirements of customers, are non-standard products, and are usually advanced intermediates. Due to the close cooperation relationship between customized production and customers, user trust and stickiness are high, improving the bargaining power. In addition, with the increase in the depth and breadth of cooperation with customers, manufacturers can obtain more resources from customers and enhance their core competitiveness.

(2) For customized advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, the order volume is usually smaller than that of bulk primary intermediates, and the differences between products are large. And for multinational companies, the pressure to protect patented technology from being leaked and non-patented technical secrets is increasing, and multinational companies generally tend to only cooperate with a few suppliers to produce the same intermediate.

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