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Technical Help

Aolisen Chemicals Technical Services

Sales stock products after detailed testing and Analysis. Or provide R&D services and contract research according your order.

Work closely: let you know the detailed workflows of your intermediate chemical products include simple synthesis route, so that you will know the produce time of each step of your project before the work started.

The dedicated sales people and project manager will monitor the project progress for you and email you the important information. All our synthesis processes have been highly validated to ensure high success results.

Aolisen Chemicals R&D

We have an excellent R&D team, advanced and complete experimental instruments and equipment. Our development and research chemical intermediate group people can carry out rapid process development, reaction condition optimization and material scale-up production.

Aolisen Chemicals Contract Research

AOLISENCHEM is one of an industry leading chemical active pharmaceutical ingredient suppliers focused on providing custom synthesis, high-quality, low price Chemical intermediates and API for clients and partners. 

AOLISENCHEM begin and end each of projects with clients' needs in mind.