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Social Responsibility

Aolisen Chemicals Corporate Responsibility

AOLISENCHEM, a chemical producer and supplier in China, is aware of its responsibility for the environment and the future. 

AOLISENCHEM will not do anything that violates Chinese laws, nor will it do anything that damages the environment. AOLISENCHEM will take seriously and properly handle chemical pollutants, strictly control emissions, and treat honest dealings with our customers, employees and suppliers carefully.

Aolisen Chemicals Human Rights

As one of the responsible active pharma ingredients manufacturers, AOLISENCHEM provide a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere and prohibits any form of illegal discrimination based on skin color, age, race, religion, nationality, military, physical, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or the identity of any legally protected group.

All employees have the right to express their opinions and provide constructive opinions that are beneficial to the company.

Aolisen Chemicals Business Ethics

AOLISENCHEM is committed to maintain the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. AOLISENCHEM has the responsibility to consider the impact of business decisions on the environment, society and economy. These core values are the guiding principles of AOLISENCHEM's business activities. AOLISENCHEM strictly requires every employee to do this.