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Research & Development

R&D contributes to the essential impetus to the fast development of AOLISENCHEM.

There are 5 teams in our R&D center, while the center is equipped with advanced equipment. 

Around 15 experienced chemists are working on new synthesis route development for new Chemical intermediates and API pharmaceutical or improved processes for existing Chemical intermediates and API. AOLISENCHEM is well-prepared to develop and supply tailored made solutions answering customer's requirements.

R&D Services from AOLISENCHEM:

  • Tell you which stock intermediate pharmaceutical products we have or if not, we can provide custom make.

  • For required products: evaluate the existing synthesis route and if needed, develop a new synthesis route for you.

  • Reduce cost and maximize produce yield: we will optimize reaction conditions.

  • Development testing and analysis methods for Chemical intermediates and API. Doing NMR, HPLC/GC, KF testing, and so on for every product.

AOLISENCHEM is continuously investing in our technology and facilities to improve product quality and diversification to meet today's ever-rising demand for chemicals.