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Research and Development Types of Common Pharmaceutical Intermediates

1. Vitamin pharma intermediates

For example, sorbitol used to produce vitamin C, isophytol of vitamin E and β-ionone, an important intermediate used to synthesize vitamin E and vitamin A, have great market demand and broad prospects.

2. Pharma intermediates of heterocyclic compounds

It is widely used in medicines, pesticides and veterinary medicines and pharma intermediates, most of which are the parent (nucleus). For example, cosoya (losartan potassium tablets) and losartan (amlodipine) for the treatment of hypertension are all heterocyclic compounds; the main heterocyclic compounds are imidazole, thiazole, triazole, pyridine, pyrimidine, piperazine and Triazine etc. and some of their derivatives.

3. Pharma intermediates containing fluorine compounds

The introduction of new elements into pharma intermediates for improvement, the most successful application is fluorine. At present, there are hundreds of fluoride-containing drugs at home and abroad, and many drugs have become the main varieties for the treatment of certain diseases. Fluorine-containing drugs have the characteristics of low dosage, low toxicity, high efficacy and strong metabolism, and play a pivotal position in the pharmaceutical industry.

4. Pharma intermediates of chiral compounds

Compounds obtained by asymmetric synthesis or resolution methods on the basis of stereochemistry. Chiral compounds are widely used and are a very important class of organic compounds.

With the development of biotechnology, people will use the microbial pathway to develop new enzymes and microbial strains for the separation of chiral products, which can be used to produce various chiral amines, chiral amino acids and other chiral pharma intermediates.

In order to shorten the research and development cycle of new drugs, reduce the cost of new drug research and development, and improve the capital turnover rate, pharma intermediates are generally outsourced to custom production.

5. Pharma intermediates of biological compounds

Apply DNA recombination technology, cell engineering technology and enzyme engineering technology to study and treat cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hepatitis, tumor, anti-aging and other medicines, and apply modern biotechnology to transform traditional pharmaceutical industry.

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