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Industry Development Trend of Pharmaceutical Intermediates

As some chemical raw materials or chemical products in the process of pharmaceutical production and synthesis, pharma intermediates have always been necessary products in the pharmaceutical industry. Choosing reliable manufacturers is the guarantee for pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce drugs.

1. Analysis of the current situation of the pharmaceutical intermediate industry

After the glorious period in the late 1990s, the competition among mature enterprises has reached a fierce stage, and each other is fighting for the last bit of strength to see who can persist until the end, and whoever is the survivor.

At the same time, lured by various legends and other factors, new investors continue to enter the industry with the dream of "gold rush". How to make limited funds and energy produce economic and social benefits has become the goal pursued by every investor of intermediate in pharmaceutical.

2. The trajectory of pharma intermediates comes from medicine to medicine

The impact of the process of economic globalization on China's economy is more far-reaching than its philosophy, that is, each production enterprise does not need to be big, but should concentrate its funds and energy on the industries and fields it is good at.

Other supporting materials and conditions can be completed by social cooperation. By forming a product chain to achieve a win-win situation for both partners, the pharmaceutical industry will transfer the processing of some primary products, such as solvent recovery, to cooperative enterprises.

With the continuous deepening of cooperation between the two parties, pharmaceutical companies have gradually transferred some products with high added value and technical difficulties to chemical plants, such as the production of amothiaxamic acid AE-active ester triazine tetrazole acetic acid used in the production of cephalosporin antibiotics p-Hydroxyphenylglycine (Deng Potassium Salt) HO-EPCP and other products, which led to the rapid development of this branch industry in the 1990s, and a group of pharmaceutical intermediate enterprises with an output value of tens of millions to 100 million yuan.

At present, the industry has developed to a stage of closer cooperation with pharmaceutical companies. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical intermediates directly synthesize raw materials (bacteria powder), and sell the products in the form of chemical products to pharmaceutical companies for refining. As a pharmaceutical intermediate industry, the product chain can be further extended to increase the profit of the product and improve the stability of sales. The pharmaceutical company has reduced investment and put limited funds and energy on the aseptic packaging that they are good at. Since the pharmaceutical intermediate industry cannot compete with pharmaceutical companies for the market without a production license for pharmaceutical products, the cooperation between the two parties is somewhat complementary.