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Global Operations of Chemical Intermediates

Advanced Chemical Intermediates Supplier

We are a supplier of applied chemical intermediates in the integrated chemical service market, mainly engaged in the production and sales of our chemicals and the sales of chemicals produced by third-party manufacturers in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

A Full Range of Services in the Supply Chain of Pharmaceutical Intermediates

As an active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer, we use our comprehensive global operation and sales network (including the research and development of production processes, strong product customization capabilities, production of high-quality chemical products, procurement of various chemicals produced by third-party manufacturers, efficient and safe logistics services and after-sales services) to provide a comprehensive intermediate chemical products portfolio with a wide range of applications and a full range of services related to the chemical intermediates supply chain.

Aolisenchem is a famous and reliable advanced chemical intermediates supplier in China. Contact us if you are finding a long-term business partner and want to buy active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The Company is Extremely Competitive in the Pharma Intermediates Industry

We have a good reputation and long operating history in China's applied chemical intermediates industry with a strong experienced team composed of management and employees of profound knowledge of applied chemical intermediates industry, and we also have an integrated data operation platform, which improves operational efficiency and effectively controls the inventory.

Chemicals Commercial Production