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Development Techniques of Pharma Intermediates

As important chemical products and raw materials for the synthesis of pharmas, pharma intermediates have great production value and are an important component of fine chemicals.


The development of pharma intermediates is rapidly evolving, with a focus on research and development of new pharma intermediates or the use of new production processes to enhance enterprises' independent research and innovation capabilities.


In recent years, the production technology of pharma intermediates has made great progress worldwide, with new technologies such as combinatorial chemistry, biocatalysis, cell biochemistry, chiral chemistry, peptide synthesis, and carbohydrate synthesis, making the production efficiency of pharma intermediates higher and more environmentally friendly.


The research and production of pharma intermediates is a highly technical industry and not merely a processing plant without technical complexity.


R&D and production enterprises need to provide the following technologies


Directed nitration technology for pharma intermediates


Neutral acid nitration (clean nitration) is used to reduce costs, eliminate pollution, and achieve green nitration.


High temperature and high pressure reaction technology for pharma intermediates


The equipment can be used to complete chemical processes such as condensation, polymerization, hydrogenation, etc., by reducing the reaction volume, reducing reagent costs, and reducing the production of drug waste.


Condensation technology for pharma intermediates

Through mannich condensation, Aldol aldehydes and ketones condensation to obtain macromolecules, the choice of catalyst is a technical key.

The controlled oxidation technology of pharma intermediates

The oxidation of aliphatic aromatic into acid is relatively easy, and its intermediate aromatic aldehyde is an important intermediate of pharmas and pesticides.

Fluorination technology of pharma intermediates

The introduction of fluorine group to organic intermediates, synthesis of fluoride is an important pharma intermediate, how to introduce fluorine into the parent is the object of concern.

Hydrogenation reduction technology of pharma intermediates

Reduction technology such as iron powder reduction, sodium sulfur reduction and other serious pollution, the choice and application of catalyst is the key to the success of hydrogenation reduction or not.

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