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Development of Dye Intermediates Industry

The Development Trend of Dye Intermediates Industry

Dye intermediate is the important raw material for synthetic dyes. In recent years, the overall industrial chain layout has become the industry development trend. Dyes leaders have gradually expanded the industrial chain to upstream raw materials, on the one hand, the stable supply of raw materials is guaranteed, and on the other hand, it can reduce the impact of upstream raw material price fluctuations on the cost.

The Status Quo of Dye Intermediate Industry

At present, our country's dye intermediates industry has shifted from a state of development of fixed asset investment and capacity expansion to a new normal in which production capacity is relatively flat and pharma ingredients manufacturers focus on the development of technology, environmental protection, quality and efficiency. 

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The Progress in Manufacturing Technology of Dye Intermediates

The dye industry has made great progress in energy conservation, emission reduction and clean production. The dye intermediates manufacturing process of Aolisenchem is complete. On the one hand, great progress has been made in the promotion and demonstration of clean processes. Clean production and preparation technologies such as hydrogenation reduction of dye intermediate, dye membrane filtration, dry and clean production preparation technology of pure pulp, and clean production and preparation technology of organic solvents replacing water media are promoted and used. On the other hand, the promotion and application of comprehensive utilization and recycling technologies have reduced the amount of "three wastes" generated.

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