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Customized Production Process for the Pharmaceutical Intermediate Industry

1. Understanding of pharmaceutical intermediates

Intermediates refer to intermediate products in the process of compound synthesis. Pharmaceutical intermediates are some chemical raw materials or chemical products used in the synthesis of APIs. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical intermediates do not need API production licenses and can produce them in chemical plants. If pharmaceutical intermediates reach the required level, they can be used for the synthesis of APIs. The pharmaceutical intermediate industry can provide customized intermediate synthesis services according to customer needs.

2. Customized production process for the pharmaceutical intermediates industry

Customized products are divided into 3 levels according to the closeness of cooperation with customers: (1) Participating in the customer's new drug development stage, which requires the company's R&D center to have strong innovation capabilities;

(2) Amplify the customer's pilot product to meet the process route of large-scale production. This requires the ability of pharma intermediates manufacturers to scale up the product and the ability to continuously improve the customized product technology in the later stage, so as to meet the need of product scale production, continuously reduce production costs, and enhance the competitiveness of products;

(3) The pharma intermediates manufacturers need to improve the process of the products in the production stage, so as to meet the required quality standards. For the different uses of intermediates, the process is different. for example, the special dye intermediates manufacturing process.

AOLISENCHEM produces various chemical intermediates and can provide customized services. We can design a synthetic route for the customer's target molecule, and complete the synthesis and delivery of the compound on time, quality and quantity.

Chemical Intermediates