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Application and Precautions of Vasoactive Active Pharma

Vasoactive active pharma is commonly used as a rescue drug in clinical practice. Their pharmacological mechanism is to improve vasoconstriction and relaxation. They are primarily used in the rescue and treatment of critically ill patients, and the proportion of applications in ICU is relatively high.

Vasoactive active pharma is a massive drug family, including dopamine, dobutamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, etc., which need to be selected based on the emergent critical condition and the underlying disease.

Ⅰ. Application of vasoactive active drug substance

It is mostly used in shock patients. That is, symptoms such as hypotension, changes in consciousness, and peripheral circulatory disorders appear. It is necessary to identify the reasons for the shock according to the clinical situation, such as septic shock and cardiogenic shock. And doctors should choose corresponding drugs according to the specific situation.

The amount of the drug must be converted accurately according to the patient's weight when applying vasoactive drugs. A syringe pump is used to pump these drugs in a small amount. In the process, it is necessary to monitor vital signs, such as changes in heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Strictly speaking, invasive monitoring should be used, which is more helpful in adjusting the dose of vasoactive active drug substances and saving lives.

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Ⅱ. Precautions for vasoactive active drug substance

The use of vasoactive active drug substance is generally in the hospital, and it is necessary to inject through the deep veins, not from the superficial veins, which has great risks. Because the vasoactive active drug substance, such as norepinephrine, has a very strong ability to regulate blood vessels. Once they ooze out on the superficial surface, they can easily cause large areas of skin necrosis. Therefore, it is generally advisable to go from the deep veins of the main trunk to the large ones. Deep intravenous injection is safer.

In addition, the concentration of this drug must be preciously calculated. Generally, it is carried out in a professional hospital. The patients who need to use vasoactive drugs are in critical condition. The ICU doctors configure the drug concentration through accurate calculations.

In this case, the medication should be constantly adjusted, such as using blood pressure drugs. Blood pressure should be monitored frequently, especially the changes in blood pressure, just after using the medicine. The same goes for antihypertensive drugs. Otherwise, it is easy to lower blood pressure.

Generally, this medicine can be used under rigorous monitoring and the guidance of professional and experienced doctors. Still, when taking medication, you must choose deep veins. Please try not to select superficial veins. Otherwise, it will cause serious complications.