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Analysis on the Prospects of Pharmaceutical Intermediates

The development of the pharmaceutical intermediates market.

In any case, the market prospect of the pharmaceutical industry is good. It does have the mature stage but has always been in a state of development, because medical and its care are related to our life closely, and they are the basis of livelihood security. Pharmaceutical intermediates refer to intermediate products such as raw materials, materials, and auxiliary materials used in the production of pharmaceutical products.

Characteristics of Pharma intermediates manufacturers

1) Most of the production enterprises are private enterprises with flexible operations and small investment scales ranging from millions to 10 or 20 million RMB.

2) The geographical distribution of production enterprises is concentrated.

3) As the awareness of the need for environmental protection grows, the pressure on pharma intermediates manufacturers to build environmentally friendly treatment facilities increases.

4) Products are updating. Its profit margin will drop sharply 3 to 5 years when a product is put on the market, which pushes the enterprise to develop new products constantly or improve the production process quickly. Only in this way can they maintain a high production profit.

5) Since the production profit of pharmaceutical intermediates is higher than that of chemical products, and the production processes of the two are basically the same, more and more small chemical companies have joined the ranks of producing pharmaceutical intermediates. This has led to increasingly fierce disorderly competition in the industry.

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