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As one of the best pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturers from China, Aolisenchem has continuously improved the core competitiveness of chemical intermediates production technology, which is specifically reflected in the choice of chemical reaction process, process control, the choice of core catalysts and so on, strive to improve the production efficiency and product quality of the enterprise, continue to innovate independently, and expand various unit reaction processes.

Chemical Intermediates and API In Different Industries
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tert-Butyl isocyanate CAS#1609-86-5

APIs are an important part of the entire pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. As one of the professional API active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers in China, Aolisenchem has continuously upgraded this industry, increased investment in environmental protection, and carried out work around new product development, process improvement and new technology research to improve safety, environmental protection and quality.

Aolisenchem is one of the most professional pharmaceutical intermediates and API intermediate manufacturers, which provide CRO, CMO and CDMO services.

In order to continuously improve the company's technical and R&D capabilities, Aolisenchem has established an expert project team, introduced overseas R&D teams, formed a strong technical R&D team together with domestic experienced R&D personnel.

Aolisenchem, the active pharmaceutical ingredient import from china, continuously carry out new product development, process research and development, process optimization, sample production, etc.

Custom make service process:


  • Aolisen Chemicals Technical Advantages
    Technical advantages

    Provide CRO, CMO and CDMO service;

    An experienced R&D team with an average organic synthesis age of about 15 years;

    Has enough workshops for various synthesis reactions at Aolisenchem's plant.

  • Aolisen Chemicals Quality Service
    Quality service

    Excellent product quality, timely delivery, strict production control, complete testing equipment, strict product quality control.

    Aolisenchem actively strive for 24 hours to provide services to clients, as long as you need, we are always here.

  • Aolisen Chemicals Reasonable Pricing
    Reasonable pricing

    Strict control of raw material api manufacturers and careful comparison of purchase prices to ensure reasonable and competitive quotations for our products.

  • Aolisen Chemicals Good Prospects For Cooperation
    Good prospects for cooperation

    As long as you choose Aolisenchem, you are choosing a long-term partner.

    We strictly control environmental protection requirements and encourage employees to participate in the management of the enterprise, which helps ensure the healthy and long-term development of the enterprise.

Chemical Quality Matters

Aolisenchem, one of the most reliable and technical active pharmaceutical ingredients suppliers and api producers, Our API and chemical intermediates supplier follows the ISO/ICH quality management standards and can meet the requirements for the production of various chemical intermediates and API products.

QC laboratory is equipped with the most advanced inspection equipments, responsible for the development of testing methods, verification of testing methods, the routine testing of intermediates and APIs, the central control of the production process, the testing and release of final products, and the testing of pre-ship samples.

Aolisenchem has passed ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO18000 system certifications.
Aolisen API and Chemical Intermediates Products Supplier
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